Under 15



First Appearance

The Disaperance

Last Appearance

The Sparticle Project

Episode Count


Played By

Zachary Middleton

Ami is a trained gymnast and he also has very severe diabetes.


He temporarily joined a tribe of girls living in a canal boat called the water rats in 'The Water Rats' but returns to The Sparticles when he discovers their 'Battles' are merely games. He uses his gymnastic skills to advantage when he hangs upside down from a rope to rescue a key to the canal lock.

He nearly died in 'The Emergency' because he did not have his insulin, and then again because Kat nearly gave him an overdose. Later, he tries to jump from the roof of a lorry to the other, but falls in between the two and is trapped by a dog. Reese recues him by distracting the dog with a toy she found.

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