Jeff Big Freeze




Under 15



First Appearance

The Disaperance

Last Appearance

The Sparticle Project

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Played By

Wesley Nelson

Jeffrey (Sometimes called Jeff) is Jordan's older brother and has cerabal palsy. He can walk a Short distance, but often needs a stick, a wheelchair or his mobility scooter to get to places such as the market or to move about the hotel and Gardens.


As a member of The Ranchers, Jeffrey stays living in city hotel with Tia , Liam and Frankie. He grows most of their food in the hotel garden with help from the others and looks after the younger kids alongside Tia.

In 'The Big Freeze' he and Liam try and catch the person who has taken a chicken. He, with the help of Liam, sets up a series of cameras and traps. When hiding out in a tent over night, they find out it was actually a fox. Jeffrey comes up with the idea of getting Lion poo from the zoo, so the fox will think a bigger animal has moved into the hotel, and won't come back. Frankie spots Jeffrey holding something behind his back, he reveals it's corrianda. Just before Liam and Frankie came in, he had picked some flowers for Tia, but the goat had eaten them during the conversation.

In 'The Unsuitables Jeffrey and Tia, with the help of Liam and Frankie are trying to find the code to get into the Sparticle Project.

In The Harvest, he bakes a cake for Tia, revealing his true feelings for her. Later in the series, their relationship strengthens as they live together almost like a couple looking after Liam and Frankie. Liam gives the cake to a group of girls who 'really need' food. When Jeffrey finds out he gets really angry, and nearly strangles one of the girls, before Tia tells him to stop. At the end of the episode Jeffrey reveals that he thinks about Tia a lot.

The day before Tia's birthday, he comforts her and leaves some flowers, as she is worried that when she turns 15 she too will disappear into the paralell dimension. Tia then leaves him a note saying 'I love you'. Jeffrey and the rest of the ranchers (plus Callum) travel by horse and carriage the last part of the trip to the mine. He becomes a couple with Tia at the end of the last episode.