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The Disappearance

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The Sparticle Project

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Abigail Hardingham

Kat is the daughter of Professor Henry Barker, the leading scientist on The Sparticle Project. She is also best friends with Sadiq, and later in the series, has a relationship with Callum.


Kat wants to be sensible and responsible, which she achieves most of the time by looking after Reese and the other younger kids. She takes after her father, an extremely intelligent and famous physicist.

In The Disappearance, she discovers her neighbor Liam trapped in his bedroom and rescues him. She cares for him like a brother until they finally find refuge in the City Hotel and join a tribe of children. Kat has a blue plaster cast on her left wrist, but it comes off when it gets stuck in the closing doors of the loading bay.

In 'The Invasion' , after being refused entry into Sadiq's group, she joins Callum's biker gang, along with Liam. She the goes to the library, and finds Reese there. Reese starts seeing adults who were at the libary at 11:11am. At first Kat doesn't believe her, but later in the series, she starts to believe.

When the Sparticles split up, Kat leads the Questers to the Sparticle Project, along with Sadiq. The other group (named the Ranchers) stays behind at the hotel. Towards the end of series one, she develops a relationship with Callum, a former enemy of the Sparticle Tribe.