Under 15



First Appearance

The Disaperance

Last Appearance

The Sparticle Project

Episode Count


Played By

Oliver Bell

Liam is one of the younger members of The Sparticles, and part of 'The Ranchers' sub group. He is Kat's nextdoor neighbour, and good freinds with Frankie.


In Episode 1, Liam is rescued by Kat, as he is locked in his room. For the rest of the epsiode they stick together and try and find somehwere to stay. They join a group of kids trying to find somewhere to stay, and head to the City Hotel, but are locked out by Sadiq.

When the Questers go to the Sparticle project, he stays at the City Hotel as a member of the Ranchers, he is usually hanging around with Jeffery or the younger girl

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