First Appearance

The Disaperance

Last Appearance

The Sparticle Project

Episode Count


Played By

Emily Sanderson

Reese is the youngest Sparticle in The Questers and is very quiet and a bit shy. She has long, very pale blonde hair and is often called 'Blondie' by Callum in the first half of the series.


Despite her appearance, good things do come in small packages. Reese is extremely bright and intelligent and because of this is seen as a 'Freak' by Holly.

Reese is believed by most members of the The Sparticle Tribe to have special or 'Psycic' powers. She often leads the Questers to the right places and is never wrong about where they should go and what they should do. With these 'Powers' she manages to rescue Holly, Ami and Jordan from a dangerous ride and snap a pine cone in half whilst trying to 'reactivate her powers'.

In several episodes, a girl named Muna comes to her in 'Visions' but never truly appears in bodily form until the las episode, where she helps reese to keep the electric current flowing through the Sparticle collider. Muna fades away, however, leaving Reese to stand alone in a flow of electricity, trying to keep it stabe with her powers.

In 'The Sparticle Project' the quest to bring back the Adults fails when Reese nearly dies.