Under 15



First Appearance

The Disaperance

Last Appearance

The Sparticle Project

Episode Count


Played By

Karim Zeroual

Sadiq is one of the two leaders of The Questers, and along with Kat, leads the tibe to the Black Tor Mine. He drives The Sparty Van very poorly and is best friends with Kat. He has a half sisters named Frankie and is very protective of Reese while on the quest, therefore making her trust him more than any of the others. He is a former enemy of Callum, but acceptes him into the tribe, when he brings the dictaphone to get into the Sparticle Project.


We first see Sadiq when he is on a tour of a mine along with the other main characters.

In The Big Freeze, he very nearly dies in a cooling pipe whilst trying to rescue Holly, Jordan and Ami from being frozen to death in a sealed room.

In The Water Rats, he develops a very short term relationship with a girl from a tribe living on a canal boat, and Kat describes this as 'Holiday Romance'

He was ememies with Callum in the first half of the series, but when Callum starts helping out with the quest so he can impress Kat, he accepts him into the sparticle community.