Under 15


Tamsen's Tribe

First Appearance

The Harvest

Last Appearance

The Harvest

Episode Count


Played By

Esme Winter Lockwood

Tamsen is the leader of a tribe in 'The Harvest'. Her tribe farms for food in a village called Hope. The Sparticles steal from her tribe, and she banishes them from the village. She also gives Kat and Reese a map showing all the Ley Lines.


Tamsen is the oldest person in the farm, which is in Hope. She looks after the rest of the children there, in her tribe, along with Ross. She helps Reese translate what Muna said to her, as she can speak Portugese, and with the help of a dictionary she translates it all. She then shows her and Kat a map with all the Ley Lines on it, and they work out all the sites where Reese has seen Muna or Adults, are where ley lines meet.

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