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The Sparticles





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The Disaperance

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The Sparticles are the tribe of eleven children that The Sparticle Mystery centres on. For the first few episodes of Series 1 they all live in The City Hotel. Their leader is Sadiq.


The Sparticles begin as a group of school children, visiting a mine, on a trip, when at 11:11 am every one over 15 vanishes to a parallel world. Sadiq becomes their leader, and leads them to the City hotel.

In 'The Invasion', the sparticles have to fight off an invasion from Callum's biker gang, for the hotel. The tribe increases in numbers when Kat & Liam join a+ Holly, who's all alone in the hotel. When they discover the location of the Sparticle Project, the tribe splits into two groups, The Questers and 'The Ranchers' The Questers travel in the Sparty Van to the Sparticle Project, while the Ranchers stay at the City Hotel

Near the end of Series 1, the Ranchers lose the hotel to a tribe of idle girls. The Ranchers camp on a hill with other tribes until Callum comes for a dictaphone. They, along with Callum, steal a steam train and take it the the Yorkshire Moors. When the train runs out of fuel, the group take a horse and carriage the rest of the way to Black Tor Mine, where the Sparticle Project is. There they are reunited with the Questers.

When the tribe fail to bring back the adults, they all travel in the Sparty Van to the Quantum Nexus.

The tribe increases in number to 11 when Callum joins the tribe in 'The Sparticle Project'.