Tia Harvest







First Appearance

The Disaperance

Last Appearance

The Sparticle Project

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Played By

Megan Jones

Tia is the oldest member of The Sparticle Tribe and is one of the two leaders of The Ranchers. She is first seen babysitting Frankie in Sadiq's house.


Tia cares a lot about her appearance, and can seem quite snobby, ad this makes people underestimate her. She is, however, not as useless as she can seem, and proves this several times.

When the tribe splits in two, she agrees to look after Liam and Frankie alongside Jeffrey. Her relationship with Jeffrey developes a lot while they are living at the hotel, but while it's obvious that Jeffrey developes feelings for Tia, is it at first hard to say if she feels the same way. Tia and Jeff look after the two younger children at the hotel until they leave beacause of an invasion by a gang of girls. They then live in a temporary camp untill Callum comes to get the dictaphone. After getting the dictaphone back from a bully who stole it, they escape on a train.

Whilst on the train to the Black Tor Mine in 'The Emergency', Tia turns 15, and she is really scared that she might disappear at midnight. The night before her birthday, Jeff leaves her some flowers, but she is still worried. In the middle of the night, she writes Jeffrey a note telling him she loves him. When she wakes up in the morning still at the same place, she first regrets giving Jeffrey the note, but Jeff is cool about it, and it turns out ok.

Tia and the rest of the ranchers (plus Callum) travel by horse and carriage the last part of the trip to the mine.

She becomes a couple with Jeff at the end of the last episode.