The tribe Sparticles was founded by Sadiq and at first had a total of 10 members in series one the tribe was split into 2 the questers Sadiq Kat Holly Ami Jordan and Reese who would try to bring the adults back. There was also a group called the Ranchers Tia and Jeffery would look after the younger kids Liam and Frankie. In series 2 Ami Jordan and Kat have left the tribe and the rest of the tribe Sadiq Reese Tia Jeffery Liam and Frankie journey to find the Quntam Nexes which could bring the adults back however due to Holly betraying the Sparticles and joining forces with Serena who was actually a double agent. Then Reese joins Holly along with the Emperor Fizzy and the rebel Ernesto. In the end thanks to Reese The Sparticles end up bringing the adults back as teenagers! In series 3 Tia Jeffery and Liam have left the tribe along with the Sherrif Callum who all made a deal with the teen queen Kyile they are joined by three new tribe members Ernesto Aris and Kim who is Holly's teen Mum they discover they need 7 people to send the teen parents back with the same powers as Reese the have 2 Reese and Aris and they set out to find more these people are Jason Orion Lucie Yank and Holly's and Ernesto's child Kimmy in the they sent back all the teen parents and thanks to Holodora all the adults come back this is the last series and it ends with all the Sparticles except Holly's Mum who was sent back with the rest of the teen parents yell "we did it"!